What is GOOSI Bath & Spa?
An immersive space in the center of Moscow, created to hide from the noise and stress of the metropolis, to restore strength and completely reboot after a hard day's work.- a real Russian steam room- broom steaming - lounge area with white sun loungers - large fonts - warm and icy - herbal teas- massages- binaural music for a short sleep - relaxation atmosphere - up to 15 guests - everything is thought out to the smallest detail - from shampoos to moisturizers and demakiyazh.- bath textiles
Our Philosophy
To survive in Moscow, you need to work a lot and a lot 24/7/365 is the formula of this City.Staying effective in this mode is not an easy task. It would seem that once a month you need to go to the sea for a couple of days to catch your breath, but there is no time! GOOSI offers an alternative - rebooting your body, your mind, your soul in 2-3 hours
Who is the GOOSI Bath & Spa for?

For people who work hard.

For your Ego.

In order to be effective tomorrow

No need to go home right after work. Find Goosi in Sokolniki Park and let us help you deal with your stress.
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The best bath resort in the Moscow region!
«Goosi lebedi» invites residents of Moscow and the Moscow region to relax in nature, in a unique recreational area on the lake shore and just find an excellent sauna
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