where are we
Bath&Spa GOOSI
We are located in Sokolniki Park at Moscow, st. Sand Alley, 7A
Working hours:
Mon - Thu 10.00 - 22.00
Fri - Sun 10.00 - until the last guest
We accept payment:
  • remotely (via QR code)
  • non-cash
  • cash
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How to reach us
The nearest entrance to the park is at the intersection of Sokolnichesky Val Street and Shumikina Street. From the entrance you need to walk 300 meters deep into the park along an asphalt alley, and then turn left, 50 meters from the turn you will see a wooden building in the depths of the park
If you need help
in orienteering
call +7 (967) 033-52-52
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